Personal Page

Once you have registered, set up your personal page and tell people what your KM goals and $ goals are. Tell them why you are raising funds for CAShh.

Set Your Goal

We encourage you to set a fitness goal on your Personal Page, with # of kms you or your family would like to achieve during this time frame. (Optional)


Ask your family and friends to sponsor you by either making a donation to your personal page, or using the hard copy Donations form.
Download Donation Form


Kilometer Tracking

In order to help you track your kilometers, you can use a personal device such as a Fitbit or Garmin, or download one of the following suggested applications to your personal device:



The free version of this wildly popular cycling app easily allows a user to measure the distance of any walk, run or ride, just carry your smartphone with you during your activity. Push “record”, “start”, square for “stop” and “finish” or “resume”.


Download Distance Tracking Form
Download our Distance Tracking form to manually track your kms.


Download Donations Form
If your donors do not want to go on line to make a donation to your personal page, use this Donations Form to collect the donor information and $ donated.


See Tour The Hills routes and ideas on where you can walk/run/ride in Halton Hills and surrounding areas.


Fundraising Incentives

Participants are encouraged to raise as much money as they can through donations and/or pledges. Fundraising incentives will be awarded based on paid fundraising dollar values regardless of kilometers. There will be 6 Bi-weekly incentive periods with the periods each ending at 12:00 Midnight on closing date:

Period 1 – June 15th- June 30th 2020

Period 2 – July 1 – July 14th 2020

Period 3 – July 15th – July 28th 2020

Period 4 – July 29th – August 11th 2020

Period 5 – August 12th – August 25th 2020

Period 6 – August 26th – Sept 8th 2020


  • Solo Participant 3 awards of 1st, 2nd and 3rd and 1 award for 1st Place Family.
  • Incentive for periods 1-6 awarded based on total funds raised for that period.
  • Participants can only receive an award once in the first 6 periods.


Overall Awards – Sept 26th 2020

Overall Awards based upon total funds raised for the event June 15th– September 26th, 2020.

3 Solo Participant levels 1st, 2nd and 3rd and 1 award for 1st Place Family.

Overall Awards based upon total funds raised for the event June 15th– Sept 26th 2020.

All participants are eligible for the Overall Award category regardless of awards received in previous 6 periods.

Incentives cannot be returned or exchanged for cash value.

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